Commercial Photography

What exactly is Commercial Photography? Commercial photography covers a range of subjects, including product shots for packaging, tourism to support inward investment and regeneration projects, corporate photography for annual reports, and public relations material to celebrate and promote a companies workforce.

For those who like their pictures
BIG for exhibitions & banners etc, IOP use ultra-high resolution 36.3 meg pix digital equipment, to produce images crammed with detail!

Bernard O'Sullivan, Manchester commercial photographer, Photograph of cleaning of digital projector Quality Control testing - Industrial Tomography Industry-Manchester Close up of industrial tool being hand-finished Photography of different shaped Copper Components Large scale machinery light-painted Group shot of computer transponders Food photography of steak and chips for hotel restaurant menu. Industrial robotics checking inhalers, Runcorn Young woment lying in conservatory reading newspaper. Chef in test kitchen for sandwhich manufacturer Photograph of house of cards using credit cards for finance article. Industrial control desk Swinton Medical equipment Oldham