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Photo Restoration Price Guide

All images will need to be accessed on an individual basis, and priced according to the condition of the original image, and the subsequent complexity of the repair work needed. However the prices below can serve as a pretty accurate guideline.

Please note restoration costs do not include a replacement print, as people often opt for a print size either bigger or smaller than the original and is priced separately.

NB: In the case of multiple images to be restored, a discount may be applicable.

Scanning And Restoration Prices

LEVEL-1 - Basic Repair - Correct colour cast restore faded image, convert from colour to B&w, enlarge or reduce size.
£28.00 Inc VAT

LEVEL-2 - Scratches and dust - Basic - Plus - Repair general scratches and dust in simple areas such as sky, concrete or grass.
£34.00 Inc VAT

LEVEL-3 - Scratches and dust - Complex - Plus - Repair general scratches and dust in complex areas, such as faces, clothing and building details.
£44.00 Inc VAT

LEVEL-4 - Missing Details Torn Prints - Plus - Replacing missing sections of the original prints and can include missing sky, grass or building details, missing parts of faces or heads partially cut off.
£60.00 Inc VAT

Please note that if we need to scan a second image to provide 'missing detail' an addition scan fee will apply.

Print Prices

In addition to the restoration services listed above, you will need to choose from the approximate print sizes listed below.

10x8 inches or below
12x 10 inches
14x11 inches
16x12 inches
£10.50 inc VAT
£14.50 inc VAT
£16.50 inc VAT
£20.50 inc VAT
Please Note: Additional prints ordered at the same time will be discounted.

Order advice and conditions.

1: Originals vary in shape/format - print sizes are a nearest guide only.
2: Prints will be supplied with a glossy finish unless silk finish is specified.
3: Whilst we value your precious memories and treat your originals as if they were our own, customers supply originals at their own risk. IOP can not be held responsible for any subsequent deterioration of fragile prints or loss therein.
4: If prints are required to be sent by post, packaging and postal charges will apply, (at customers risk).
5: Payment must be received before postal-delivery orders are despatched.

Your memories are precious, your family's history and future: trust it to a true professional!

Inside Out photography are commercial photographers covering the major centres of the North West and Midlands, including. Manchester, Buxton, Liverpool, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Bolton, Doncaster, Derby and UK wide.

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