Looking for something special from your product photography in Manchester?

FilterWith over three decades of experience in commercial photography, Bernard of Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) knows exactly how to make your products stand out from the competition. You might think anyone can pick up a camera or even a phone and take a snap of your products. However whilst that is true and photography is much more accessible to all in this digital age, taking a photograph is one thing, but creating an image to represent your product in its best light is something else altogether. Bernard has been working in the Manchester area for over thirty-five years and is well acquainted with numerous product driven businesses in the region.

How can Inside Out Photography help with our product shoot?

Many potential clients think it is impossible to make their products (however effective they are as a product) look good in print or any 2D media. However, at Inside Out Photography, Bernard just loves to prove this does not necessarily need to be the case. Whether your company’s products are small or large, or intricate, technical or just plain simple, Bernard will find a way of making your product stand out from the rest.

Tried and tested methods to enhance your product images

Product shootIf you select Inside Out Photography to take your product images you will benefit from the skills and knowledge of an experienced and creative photographer. Photography is not just Bernard’s profession it is his passion and he is always on the look out for new techniques and ideas to keep your images fresh. You will be surprised how inventive your product shots can be, using a variety of different angles, multi-exposures and creative lighting all captured using specialist perspective control optics. What’s more you do not need to bring your products to Inside Out Photography as Bernard can bring the studio to your premises and set up the shots to look as if they are in situ or on location as required to suit your brief. Take a look at some of the case studies on the website for more examples of how Bernard has added interest to different product shots www.insideoutphoto.co.uk/Case_Studies_Photographers_Manchester/Cable-Tapes/

Product shots for print, digital, or large reproduction

Product shots taken by Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) are always ultra high resolution with a 36.3 mega pixel digital output. This means you can use all your creative images for large scale high definition reproduction such as screens or exhibition banners and boards or large advertising hoarding.

Whatever your requirements for your product images you can rest assured that Bernard really does know his profession ‘inside out’ and you won’t be disappointed with the results. For more examples of his work see the website www.insideoutphoto.co.uk or give Bernard a call on 0161 881 3385 or 07831 344 722.

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Architectural Photography in Manchester

There are many photographers in the North West but if you are looking for images of buildings, construction or architectural representation then you need a photographer with experience in that arena. Bernard at Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) has been photographing buildings in Manchester for decades and has seen the skyline change dramatically over this time. However the structural development in the city over recent years has afforded Bernard the opportunity to photograph many buildings new and old, including mid construction as well as those fully complete. In fact Inside Out Photography has specialised in architectural photography for 35 years and Bernard is genuinely passionate about photographing buildings and structures.

Why you need a true professional to capture your architecture in photographs

It is true that anyone can take a reasonable snapshot of a building on a good day. But you may want to question if ‘reasonable’ is good enough to present to your clients and potential clients. Modern architecture, hi tech construction, textures, shapes and surfaces all need to be perfectly represented in your images to show your prospects. In the building industry it is not physically possible to take examples of your work to meetings but you can take images in the form of photographs. At Inside Out Photography Bernard really does know his profession ‘inside out’ and he maintains that ‘Your Image is Your Future – Trust it To a True Professional’. An image really can clinch a deal so make sure you do your architecture justice with images which portray the quality of your work.

Taking photographs of architecture is more than just clicking a button

Inside Out Photography has witnessed the construction and photographed the development of the buildings of Manchester in a wide range of architectural fields and design styles. Here are some of the areas which have been photographed by Bernard over the years:

  • Commercial
  • Hotel & Retail
  • Residential
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Construction

The latter is important for those building companies, civil engineers and construction specialists who need to have representation of their work as the structure is built, much of which is often concealed by the final cladding or exterior finish. Such projects may include not just buildings but bridges or marine construction and are often time sensitive due to the construction process. So it is important to get the right shot at the right time. Inside Out Photography has the knowledge, experience and expertise to do just that. Achieving the ultimate image is not just about pointing the camera and clicking, it is about lighting, imagination, technology, elevated views, perspective control and much more. Bernard is very keen to understand the important features of each subject he photographs so whether it needs to be portrayed as slick and smooth or functional or even if there is a requirement to create a more personal atmosphere, Bernard will find the solution to best represent your architecture.

To see some examples of architectural photography from Inside Out Photography visit www.insideoutphoto.co.uk or to discuss your photography requirements with Bernard call 0161 881 3385 or 07831 344 722. Alternatively you can email info@insideoutphoto.co.uk.

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BIPP North West Region Professional Photography Awards

Bernard O’Sullivan of Manchester & Buxton based Inside Out Photography (IOP) is proud to announce success at last nights Professional Photography Awards organised by the North West Region of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography.

Bernard took the Gold Award for Industrial photography with the image featured below. An industrial shot of a robotics unit taken using a boom supported camera system and lit by using ‘painting-with-light’.







Bernard Also won the Bronze award in the Advertising & Commercial category for the shot featured below, which is a composite image of aluminium components.









Bernard also came away with 3 merit awards, in PR, Commercial/Advertising, and Architecture . All Three images are shown below!

pe-011_Bernard_O_Sullivan ac-006_Bernard_O_Sullivan ar-004_Bernard_O_Sullivan


















However the highlight of the evening for Bernard came when he was awarded the ‘Peter Kaye Award’ (Nothing to do with the Bolton comedian) for his services to the BIPP North West region.






So all in all, a good night for Bernard, who would also like to congratulate all the other winners!

Inside Out Photography offers wide range of creative, commercialindustrialarchitecturalpr, and specialist services photography, UK wide and Europe.

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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New website now fully responsive

Manchester & Buxton Based Inside Out Photography (IOP) are proud to announce the re-launch of a new-look website.

IOP have made a number go changes to visually update the site and make it easier to use. The site now uses a rolling slideshow to display our work. In place of the ‘side-bar’, all pages are now full screen width, along with a greatly simplified new drop-down menu.

Finally. for those of you that may wish to look at our site using a tablet or smart phone, the site is also now responsive so it should be optimised across all devices.

Other than that, the site still has the same wide range of creative, commercialindustrialarchitecturalpr, and specialist services photography.

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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Why use a Professional Photographer in Manchester?

Professional photograoherIn today’s fast paced world of ever developing technology and high customer expectations, we can no longer afford to make do with ‘satisfactory’ on any level. Being surrounded by so many images online, in magazines, newspapers and in fact everywhere we look means that your potential customers or consumers know when something is not quite good enough. Sharp images are key to first impressions and at Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk), in Manchester we settle for nothing less, ever!

Your Image is Your Future – Trust it To a True Professional

So it is surprising that some organisations still like to try and cut corners by taking their own photos with their own camera or even their phones. This may be alright for shots used on social media where images are soon buried under the following posts or tweets, but for promotional material a sharp image is key. It is true that the quality of images taken by mobile gadgets has improved greatly over the years, however it is not just about pixel levels.

Although many of us think of photography as an art form (which it is), it is also an exact science balancing light, colour, shadow, angles and composition to name a few elements and that is not something you can learn overnight. It takes years of experience and experimenting to gain a full understanding of the potential and when to take creative opportunities for maximum effect. That is why having a camera is not enough to achieve that perfect image. Bernard at Inside Out Photography has this experience and knowledge and knows that it takes a true professional to ensure the image you need for your corporate brochure or new website is the shot which represents your business. Bernard is that professional.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Food PhotographyThis is an age old saying but even though it probably originated long before computers, never mind the internet, it is more true today than ever before. Did you know that for many product purchases images have a huge impact on sales successes? An interesting image will captivate its audience and gain more interest in your product. Equally a poor quality image could have the adverse effect. Inside Out Photography is run by lifelong photographer Bernard who has a passion for his trade and loves a creative challenge. From buildings to small products, food to offices, there is not much Bernard has not photographed in Manchester and beyond over the last 36 years. To see some of his previous work take a look at the case studies section on the Inside Out Photography website; http://www.insideoutphoto.co.uk/Case_Studies_Photographers_Manchester/.

Product PhotographyIf you look at an image of food and your mouth starts watering, that is what Bernard is looking to achieve. Bernard can even make exhausts look sexy!

If you would like Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) to give your product or service images that ultimate professional look then give Bernard a call on 0161 881 3385 or 07831 344 722. Alternatively you can email info@insideoutphoto.co.uk.

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Why You Should Use Aerial Photography

“Photography helps people to see” – Berenice Abbott

This quote is true, both in the everyday world and also in the business environment. It’s important for a Company to portray what their business is about and the things that are valued the most – Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) can help your business!

Aerial Photography is a great way to show off what you’re all about, in a highly creative and imaginative way. This type of photography is ideal for many industries including architects, builders, landscape gardeners, events planning and much more!

If you want to portray your Company image and what you can offer in a positive and clear way, then it really does pay to have your imagery taken professionally. It may seem like a small part of the Company and something that can be put off, but it’s the little things that really do matter. Imagery is often the first thing a consumer looks at when investigating a new business, so first impressions really do matter!

Do you have an event approaching and need aerial photographs taking to show off what you’re capable of? It is essential to make sure you highlight the relevant features you want to portray to your potential customers, which is why it is important to hire a professional so that your business is shown in the best possible way. Photographers often have the ability to see things the average person can’t and portray that through a well taken photograph.

Here at Inside Out Photography we believe in capturing the perfect photograph, which is why all of our photography is bespoke for your Company. With the use of the “Raven 4” Helicopter we can maneuver around to find the perfect angle in which to capture your imagery using our 36.3 megapixel high speed digital equipment.

Want to witness the magic happen? In the Helicopter there is even room to take our clients with us so that you can be a part of the process and help to create the ideal photographs for your business.

If you’re looking for an aerial photography company in Manchester, take a look at our website to see our style of work (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk). Do you want to discuss your specific needs with us? Get in touch with us by calling 0161 881 3385 today.

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Add a creative twist to your Commercial Photography

Here at Inside Out Photography (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) in Manchester, we hear a lot of people telling us that they often struggle to create exciting images for their products. Well, we set out to prove them wrong!

Whether your product is big or small, hard or soft, technical or simple; we have over thirty-five years of experience of photographing a vast range of commercial and industrial products.

By using our many years of commercial photography expertise we utilise a blend of creative lighting, inventive angles and multi-image composites, to deliver some brilliant images of your products to make your business stand out from any competition!

To save you the effort of moving your products to our photography studios in Manchester, Inside Out Photography can ‘bring the studio to you’ even if your product needs to appear to be on location.

Your images are shot using specialist perspective-control optics, on ultra-high resolution 36.3 megapixel digital photographic equipment, capable of large-scale and high-definition photos.

Are you worried that your product is too technical and don’t want all the important components to be hidden? Here at Inside Out Photography we make sure that we utilise our equipment and skills to get the best possible images in every situation. For example, we recently did a shoot for a company called Astech Projects Limited who are in the robotic automation industry.

Our challenge

  • Our main challenge of shooting this type of technology was that the ‘innards’ of the units were highly complex, but still needed to be displayed.

Our solution

  • We used a high number of multiple exposures, using hand held lighting technology to beam light across, above and behind parts of the machine in order to display the complexity of and capability of the machine.
  • We also removed the original Perspex panels and replaced them with pristine digital versions so that we could control the logos and reflection creating a much cleaner image and finished product for people to view.

Want to read more about this particular project or want to discover other companies we have worked with? View our case studies here. http://www.insideoutphoto.co.uk/Case_Studies_Photographers_Manchester/

If you feel your corporate images are in need of a creative twist, please don’t hesitate to contact Bernard O’Sullivan on T 0161 881 3385 or M 07831 344 722.

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Why hire a professional for your Product Photography?

As we all know first impressions count for a lot, and often a person or product is judged on how it looks. This is why we at IOP (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) know it is so important to make your product “stand out from the crowd” so that your business is represented in a professional and positive way.

Why hire IOP for your product photography

  • We have had over 35 years of experience in this industry so can help you to achieve top quality results.
  • We have photographed a wide range of commercial and industrial products so are well adapted to knowing what images will best reflect your product.
  • We use a blend of creative lighting, inventive angles and multi-image composites to achieve spectacular results for your business.
  • We make it easy for you by bringing our studio to you to make it easy!
  • Your images are captured using specialist perspective control optics, on ultra high resolution 36.3 megapixel equipment to achieve the best possible results.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“We’ve worked with IOP on multiple occasions to photography our industrial engineering products, and to take group photos of our staff teams. Bernard is an exceptional photographer; he’s extremely accommodating and is great at keeping us informed. The images he produced for us are of excellent quality with fantastic lighting, perfect for use in our print-marketing and online. IOP is highly recommended”

– Sam Wright – Marketing Executive, Industrial Tomography Systems PLC

“It was our first time using IOP and we have been very impressed with the whole process from start to finish. Bernard was extremely flexible in accommodating our tight deadlines and produced professional, high-quality images for our website and marketing material”

– Kate Blanchard – Marketing Executive, Astech Projects Ltd

To find out more about how we can help you to achieve top quality product photography for your business visit our website today (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk). Alternatively you can contact us directly on 0161 881 3385 to discuss your ideas with our team so we can move forward with your product photography plans.

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Isn’t all Photography Creative Photography?

At Inside Out Photography (IOP) (www.insideoutphoto.co.uk) we pride ourselves on being creative in every element of what we do, however there is a very slight difference between visual effects and truly creative photography.

Visual effects might mean adding a drop shadow, using dramatic lighting, or placing the item to be photographed into an unusual background. But sometimes, a subject needs a little bit more creativity than simply using visual effects.

At IOP we consider the image brand of the company we are working with;  we also consider the client’s specific message and importantly; their particular target audience. For example, if the target market is the moody teenager, our choice of lighting, angle, colours and background, must reflect current teenage fashions and aspirations in order to  have a chance of engaging with them.

When IOP worked with a local authority that wanted a image of credit cards, to represent ‘finance spiralling out of control’, they were initially expecting a  simple image featuring the front and back of cards on a white background, with accompanying text to explain the subject matter.

However with a bit more creative thinking, IOP stacked them up into a tower as you might do with a deck of playing cards to represent risk, and used image-motion-blur, to illustrate losing control and also to ensure that no customer card details could be determined.

You can see more of our Creative Photography, including the credit card shot here:

If you feel your corporate images are in need of a creative twist, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 881 3385 today!

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Now That’s What I Call High-Resolution

Manchester & Tideswell/Buxton based commercial photographers Inside Out Photography offer a ultra-high resolution service, for product photography and panoramic, architectural photography. 

IOP use an high-end 36.3 meg pix digital camera system which in itself will produce a single frame file size of approximately 110meg. But IOP can take your products or architectural view way beyond that!

So how does it work, product photography?

IOP shoot each item in your product range individually, this allows us to use tailored lighting for each of your products regardless of finish, size or colour. These individual high-res frames are then assembled into a carefully arranged group shot producing a typical group file size of 2gig upwards. 

Industrial Product photography







So how does it work, architectural panoramic photography?

IOP use our standard high-res camera fitted to a specialist VR tripod head to capture a series of exactly spaced images covering the area you want up to 360?. The resulting ‘series’ of images are then coupled with professional image stitching software, producing true-native* panoramic files of 700mb for a 150? up to 3gig for a full 360?.





These images are capable of being greatly enlarged, measured in wall size not inches, and intended for close quarter viewing! In fact they are so detailed & sharp you may want to wear gloves when handling the files! 

Your image is your future: trust it to a true professional!

Bernard O’Sullivan ABIPP – Inside Out Photography

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